Live Charts for Indian Currency. USD, Euro RSI Charts. Live Macd Charts with moving average and Sar (Stop and Reverse)
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Nse Charts

Nifty, BankNifty and Stocks

Nifty, BankNifty and Stocks charts with fast updating and 100% working.

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Mcx Charts

Copper, Crude and more

Mcx Commodity Live Charts for Copper, Crudeoil and more

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Currency Charts

Usdinr, Euroinr etc

Indian Currency Charts for usd, euro

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Why Retail inverstors lose their money in stock market

A Retail investor is among last few people who enter a stock when it has already reach new high and others are looking for booking profit in it . They keep on chasing / trading a single stock only. even if it has entered in no movement zone ( sideways zone). Most traders losing most or all of their money were found not having a stop loss for their trades in case something went opposite to what they planned. A retail investor is the who is always in hurry to exit a stock when a big movement starts in it. This happens due to lack of home work in their trading